Saturday, June 6, 2015

Young Engineers Of Today Now Enrolling for Fall 2015 Semester.

This Fall our students will be using new rapid prototyping equipment including a CNC machine, laser cutters and milling machines to begin learning how to make almost anything.  We are strengthening our program by adding more 3D Printers (10 or more) and buying the all new and more powerful Raspberry Pi computers for our students. We will be offering programs for Grades 5 thru 12. 

We will cover the following topics starting in the fall:

●    3D Design and prototyping using laser cutters and 3D printers
●    Using Shopbot (CNC router) to make living hinges
●    Electronics and Arduino microcontrollers with new projects
●    OpenSCAD using computer code to create objects.
●    Milling machines and circuit board creation
●    Programming using Python
●    Physical computing with the new Raspberry Pi version 2

As always, the labs and Webinars (we like to think of them as “Labinars” since the kids are doing labs at home) will continue to feature hands-on projects that focus on relevant, inquiry-based learning.

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